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SOLIDWORKS 2015 will be the 23rd major release of the world's most popular mechanical design software, and having been around since the very beginning, one might think that new releases would become old hat to this "maturing" veteran.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm just as excited today as I was back then!

Description was created as a configuration specific property and the value is the contents of the note.

A custom property was also created, it links Detail Item1 (the note) to Description (the name of the configuration specific property).

You can add a projected view (Insert, Drawing View, Projected) if you like. It is like a BOM for your welded structural shapes. In the Feature Manager design tree, expand Cut list(31). Although the cut list is generated automatically, you manually specify when to update it in a Weldment part document.

In the Model Items Property Manager, under Source/Destination, select A cut list is a table containing a list of the components in the Weldment.

There are many methods for linking properties in Solid Works and displaying them in different manners; for example a note that displays the bounding box length.

One limitation is that a property cannot be linked to a note, this can be useful in many different ways.

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