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Dumlao was the deputy commander of PAOCTF during the Estrada presidency. Dumlao said that as a result of this conflict between the two, Lacson was excluded by Estrada from his orders. Dacer's daughters, in a motion for time to file amended complaint, said on Tuesday that they would be including Estrada as a respondent in the complaint following the oral testimony of Mancao before the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Manila City last September 3.

'Through Michael Ray Aquino' Dumlao said all orders for the surveillance of Dacer came from then senior superintendent Michael Ray 'Ninoy' Aquino, who was Lacson’s chief aide. Dumlao said that then President Estrada went straight to Aquino for his orders – including the order to release a big smuggled rice shipment, which was also mentioned by Lacson in his privilege speech Monday against the former president. The testimony of the former police official also linked the former president to the double-murder case.

Kung matagal na hindi pa nababago ang artikulong ito, pakitanggal ang suleras na ito at pahintulutang mabago ng iba pang mga Wikipedista.

July 2016 Update – Nanumpa na si Rodrigo Duterte bilang ika-16 Pangulo sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas.

************************************************************* Narito ang listahan ng mga naging Pangulo ng ating bansa mula nung lumaya tayo sa pamamahala ng mga Kastila. Emilio Aguinaldo (1st President) (1869-1964) Mula: January 23, 1899 Hanggang: April 1, 1901 1. Quezon (2nd President) (1878-1944) Mula: November 15, 1935 Hanggang: August 1, 1944 1. Laurel (3rd President) (1891-1959) Mula: October 14, 1943 Hanggang: August 17, 1945 2.

This agreement was reached from a meeting chaired by LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante with vehicle dealers.

Under this agreement, which is set to be formalized next week as an official LTO memorandum, now allows dealers to release vehicles to a buyer provided that the said vehicle shall only be driven to the buyer’s place of residence.

Indigent senior citizens or their authorized representative must present their Office of Senior Citizen Affairs ID and birth certificate or any other document proving their date of birth to the nearest OSCA, City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office or DSWD Regional Office.

UPDATE 1: And now, LTO is reiterating the No OR/CR, No Travel once more. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has deferred the implementation of the No OR/CR, No Travel Policy for 3 months (90 days) effective today (but there is a catch) .

Corazon Aquino (11th President) (1933-2009) Mula: February 25, 1986 Hanggang: June 30, 1992 2. Ramos (12th President) (born 1928) Mula: June 30, 1992 Hanggang: June 30, 1998 3.

Joseph Estrada (13th President) (born 1937) Mula: June 30, 1998 Hanggang: January 20, 2001 4.

“Morally convinced ako, sa Malacañang iyan,” said Dumlao. Dumlao said Mancao then asked Aquino: “Cleared ba iyan kay 7-1? “Ang sabi niya sa akin ay bina-blackmail niya si presidente… dahil bina-blackmail daw ni Dacer si presidente,” said Dumlao.

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