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It will be 118 feet wide and 162 feet tall and is estimated to cost at least 4 million.

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But to be honest, we don’t care about the location too much – it’s all about the journey.

And for those that want their dog-infused trip to go beyond just the plane, for ¥150,000 (£1,053), the package tour also provides for owners and their dogs to stay together in a hotel If this sounds like all of your dreams come true, you’re not the only one – within an hour of the company announcing its dog-friendly service back in December, it was fully booked with 60 people and 30 dogs.

Customers will be able to book cheap flights from a range of UK airports to destinations such as Boston, New Jersey and New York with Norwegian. A Ryanair spokesman said: 'Given we have the largest route network in Europe, it's a logical move and a very attractive proposition for long haul carriers.' Norwegian boss Bjorn Kjos said the tie-up was a 'natural fit' for the airline, which has close to 500 routes in Europe, compared to Ryanair's network of over 2,000.

Bookings will be made on the website of either firm, with a single ticket, and customers will transfer at connecting airports. He added that the airline is open to doing a similar deal with Easy Jet, although talks are still ongoing.

The average Ryanair flight costs £85.10 while the average Norwegian flight costs £96.22.

The average British Airways flight, however, costs £168.70, according to research by Skyscanner.Homepage and Email links are included where applicable.This site is continously updated as former Ozarkian's respond to the (The Go Getter Bird).Update:-13 March 2017 Berlin baggage handlers back on strike today, 25 hour strike. Union and management a mile apart on any agreement soon. No luggage, get to airport early, call airport to see if you are leaving, although this maybe unreliable.Update:-Friday 3 March 2017 Union workers vote overwhelmingly for strike action."He was approached a few more times after that in order to gain his compliance to come off the aircraft and each time he refused and became more and more disruptive and belligerent." Mr Munoz said he was “upset” by the incident, but added that employees had “followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this”.

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