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Bette Davis stars as an aging actress manipulated by an aggressive younger actress in All About Eve (1950); Humphrey Bogart plays a broken-down alcoholic in The African Queen (1954) and a psychotic naval captain in The Caine Mutiny (1954); Gary Cooper is an aging sheriff who stands down the bad guys one last time (with the help of Grace Kelly) in High Noon (1952); Jimmy Stewart returns to the screen after an interlude as a Western star to appear in two Hitchcock films, Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958).

In both films he plays middle-aged men who have suffered debilitating injuries psychological and physical). Even the four Westerns in this listing resonate to the theme of an ending of an era as well as a critique of an era.

It wasn’t until the late 1960s and early 1970s that media began to push for sexual liberation.

Here are just a few examples of early sex education videos. v=Ovqv Hu-9k LE Made in 1937, this comedy film plays out as if it is a public service announcement.

but the first titles registered for copyright date from 1941 (beginning with Aptitudes and Occupations).

Over time, a studio was set up in Glenview, Illinois. One hallmark was that many titles were shot in color Kodachrome a few years ahead of competing classroom film companies.

Several directors who made their reputations during the Studio Era in the 1940s (Billy Wilder, John Huston, Elia Kazan, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Ford) continued to make good films (as well as mediocre ones).

But you won't see their names on the next page (The 1960s, Rise of the Director as Auteur). :00 - :00 MS 2 teenage boys enter house; one lays notebook beside phone on table then goes up stairs; other boy, waiting, opens notebook on table; CU paper with telephone number for Kay; high angle MS guy calls up stairs; other boy walks down stairs with tennis racket in hand; VS they converse; boy walks over to table, closing his notebook; boy hands tennis racket to friend and picks up telephone; VS boy talking and girl talking on other end of line; boy hangs up phone, looking content, and he and his friend leave house :00 - :00 MS sign in the shape of an elephant reading "Scavenger Sale"; MS girl walking around, passing out signs to volunteers at sale, talking and playing around as she goes; VS girl and boy talking as they clean and organize their area; MCU girl tries to hangs sign reading "knick-knacks" but is too short to reach; boy takes sign and hangs it for her; low angle MCU another boy, hanging light, looks over his shoulder, mischievously; girl walks off with another girl; low angle boy talks to friend on ladder and walks over to tool box sitting on chair; boy stops to read activity posting on wall; CU boy pointing to "Bike Trip To Rock Point" :00 - :00 2 boys and 2 girls on bridge riding bicycles toward the camera :00 - :00 MCU boy standing by activity posting; boy looks at list pointing to "Weenie Roast" :00 - :00 MS 2 boys and 2 girls sitting around campfire, roasting hotdogs (woods setting in BG) :00 - :00 MS 2 boys and 2 girls walk up bleachers; they sit down, surrounded by other spectators; high angle MS baseball players on diamond, playing ball :00 - :00 MLS swimmers doing laps; spectators around pool cheering them on :00 - :00 MCU men and women square dancing (sign reading "Baggage Checked" in BG) :00 - :00 MS 2 boys and 2 girls at picnic table, preparing to eat :00 - :00 MCU boy standing beside activity posting, daydreaming :00 - :00 MS 2 teenage boys, nicely dressed, buying tickets at theater entrance; they walk over to 2 girls and all walk inside :00 - :00 MCU boy reading activity posting on wall; VS boy talking to friend :00 - :00 MCU 2 girls talking as they prepare snacks; boy enters frame and steals a potato chip; girl fusses at him and sends him o.s. :00 - :00 MLS 2 teenage boys walking along, tossing ball back and forth (trees in BG); pan across to CU girl waving o.s.; boy drops ball as he waves back; girl walks toward house; VS boy watching her as she walks; boy throws ball o.s.In the beginning of the film, the title card suggests that women need to learn how to undress in a sensual way to keep the interest of their husbands and fend off boredom during marriage.The movie gives examples of two real-life women coming home from a party: Elaine Barrie Barrymore, a Hollywood and Broadway actress, and Trixie Friganza, an opera singer and comedian.A high school senior learns how and where to ask a girl for a date, where to take her for a good time, and how to avoid spending too much money or being bored by commercialized amusements. Ken Smith notes: One of the most entertaining films in the social guidance genre, principally because of the bad acting of goony "Nick Baxter." Nick wants to go out on a date with Kay, but he's afraid she'll say no.

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