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When the offline update is complete, AVG will show a confirmation, as shown below.

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I want to know where and how I can use them to update the second computer. OR copy all those updates on your PC to dropbox, and install dropbox on others copy them use the copy as update source? If I am right, you should be able to share your - C:\Program Data\avg10\update folder with your second computer.

I have yet to test this option, but it looks like it should do the trick for you.

Here are ten of the worst My SQL mistakes I’ve made (some apply to any language/database)… However, unless you’re creating a very simple or experimental database, it’s almost certainly the wrong choice!

My ISAM doesn’t support foreign key constraints or transactions, which are essential for data integrity.

web2py comes with a Database Abstraction Layer (DAL), an API that maps Python objects into database objects such as queries, tables, and records.

The DAL dynamically generates the SQL in real time using the specified dialect for the database back end, so that you do not have to write SQL code or learn different SQL dialects (the term SQL is used generically), and the application will be portable among different types of databases.The Windows binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite, MSSQL, Postgresql and My SQL.The Mac binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite. The IMAP option allows to use DAL to access IMAP.web2py defines the following classes that make up the DAL: The DAL object represents a database connection.Google No SQL is treated as a particular case in Chapter 13.The Gotchas section at the end of this chapter has some more information about specific databases.One way for updating the second one is the offline option: downloading new definitions from AVG website as a EXE pack and installing it using a USB flash disk drive.

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