Fetish taekwondo

Star kids and their fetish for extracurricular activities are nothing new, you would say.But watching Dutt junior get into the hit-and-punch mode, you realised the boy perhaps has what it takes, to grow up into stellar action hero material.

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Monday afternoon saw little Shahraan in kickass mode at taekwondo class.

The scene was a suburban Mumbai martial arts school where many of the city's swish set are known to send their little ones to hone their fighting skills.

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However, zipping up his jacket on a chilly morning in Wales, the fighter tells us how an obsession with mixed martial arts (MMA) became a love affair, and took his life in an incredibly positive direction. In fact, it is probably safe to say that most people have little to no interest in them.

With so many different kinds, each titled little more than a smattering of seemingly random syllables, it can be hard to understand why anybody would.

While Shahraan is into martial arts, his twin sister Iqra was nowhere to be seen.

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