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Dont have a router there, only a 3750 tied in via a fiber link.

In rare circumstances, a DHCP server cannot start, or a Stop error might occur.

If the DHCP server is stopped, complete the following procedure to restart it: To restart a DHCP server that is stopped The DHCP Relay Agent service provided with Multi-Protocol Routing (MPR) does not provide a TCP/IP address from a remote DHCP server., to the Windows Server 2012 DHCP server instead of migrating all the scopes, you can use the following import command: Import-Dhcp Server –Computer Name DHCP1-Leases –File C:-Backup Path C:dhcpbackup -Verbose –Scope Id, The above mentioned import command should be run only on the Windows Server 2012 DHCP server (DHCP1) which is intended to be the primary server for the failover relationship.

When a failover relationships is set up between two Windows Server 2012 DHCP servers (DHCP1 and DHCP2), the failover setup wizard (or cmdlet) replicates the scopes and associated configuration on the second server (DHCP2).

The DHCP Relay Agent service is running on the same computer as the DHCP service.

Because both services listen for and respond to BOOTP and DHCP messages sent using UDP ports 67 and 68, neither service works reliably if both are installed on the same computer.First, a temporary lease database is created and all known leases are dumped to it.Then, the old lease database is renamed /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases~.Using the "Diagnose problem" feature in the Manage Network Interfaces panel results in a message claiming that it cannot reach the DNS server and that the connection needs to be reset. It is connected to a DSL router via an ethernet cable.The NIC is set to dynamically receive its IP and DNS settings via DHCP which it obtains from the DSL router.After running this command successfully, the DHCP server configuration on the source server, including server level configuration, scopes present on the server, and the associated configuration and leases will be exported to the file

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