dating a co worker - Dating rules are stupid

Honestly, this is why people get stuck in the “just talking” phase for months on end, or why almost-relationships are so prevalent.

We’ve become so afraid to ask for clarity, because we’re fearful of showing that we care. If you want him to be your boyfriend, or you’re dying to say that she’s your girlfriend on Facebook, just ask for it.

Although there is some truth to this, there is also the danger of overdoing the whole playing hard to get strategy and turning a guy off completely. She went out with him once and liked him even more.

Books like these give detailed steps on how to capture the heart of our dream guy and one of those steps includes rarely returning phone calls.

The idea is that men value what they work hard to get – making him work for it is supposed to work like a charm.

You like the thrill of the chase and you own a black American Express card (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it means you have a massive line of credit and you are probably filthy fucking rich). Dating Sites: Fuck, I have to fill out a five page questionnaire just to figure out if I am going to get laid or not. Health Security Protocol: I swear to you they are going to start installing those x-ray airport-security-machines at Olive Gardens, Apple Bees, and truck stops.

But, for those humble souls who don’t have endless credit, for those who are war torn from the and for those daring individuals who look forward to a monogamous committed relationship as if it was like crossing into Eden—dating sucks. Now therapists are saying that married couples need to set up You can’t escape it. Back in the day, the most complicated choice I had to make was what type of underwear to wear, and whether I should shave my legs or not. High Hopes & Low Standards: When your lead question to self is, , the answer might be yes. Fuck it, let’s just throw a colonoscopy in the mix for good measure.

” If both consensual parties already have kids then it becomes the craziest game of Gin-Fucking-Rummy ever known to mankind.

We can all remember hearing Cher’s narration where she said, “Christian said he would call the next day, but in boy time, that meant Thursday.” This sentence, uttered so matter-of-factly, was just the beginning of the quiet reinforcement of the rules that would plague our dating years later in life.

Over time, we’ve become fixated on several tactics, supposedly designed to give us the upper hand over our crush – as though romance is some sort of power struggle where we desperately need to stay one step ahead.

These “rules” have been repeated throughout pop culture (we’re lookin’ at you) and have been beaten into our heads by know-it-all friends.

Why are we using dumb dating rules with someone we go bra shopping with and talk about how our period was extra clumpy lately with? Otherwise it's like, "Sorry I have the the schedule you already knew I had." 9. Sometimes I send one text and then remember I have another five texts' worth of strong feels I would like to convey to them because at the end of the day, who doesn't like getting a lot of texts from someone they like?

We’re bombarded with dating rules – don’t accept calls after a certain time, don’t accept a date for Saturday on Friday, never see him more than twice a week… As women, everything we’ve learned about dating says that we have to play hard to get and let a man chase us.

It’s become cool not to care about anything, but the catch is that we do care. You will literally never get what you want if you don’t speak up.

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