dating or violence - Cfgrid not updating

It's possibly unauthorised, but this is good news from Adobe.

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Way back in Cold Fusion version 1 we introduced a tag to perform database queries.

It was easy to use (well, maybe not in DBML, but we fixed that quickly, and using it got even easier and simpler in subsequent versions), and it just worked.

People have, after all, already paid for these features to actually work.

Up to and including the recently released Cold Fusion 11.

(Applet only) - Browse: user can only browse grid data.

Is anyone having problems getting the CFGRID (with the java plugin option) to display on IE.

I'm finding that its working ok on Windows 2k boxes, but does not work on Windows XP SP2 boxes.

As you may have noticed, my website recently underwent a significant facelift as explained in a blog post made a couple of days ago.

But anyway, if yer using shit (and I mean shit) like etc... Do yourself a favour and rip that stuff out of your app and replace it with a proper solutions.

There's a bunch of suggested replacements for Cold Fusion's UI cruft over at "Cold Fusion UI the Right Way".

In that post I also noted that as part of the update I rewrote much of the code "to use Cold Fusion for what it does best, and to stop using it where it no longer makes sense to do so".

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